Designer Series ThermalHEARTâ„¢| Series 729


The Series 729 is a high performance thermally broken aluminium door delivering excellent thermal outcomes. The Designer Series ThermalHearT™ range has been designed with flat faces for a clean, contemporary look. In this respect it mirrors the design approach adopted for standard Designer Series products. Corners have generally been squared off, with externally applied glazing beads also following a square, rather than sloped, shape.
BAL40 Testing Certified WERS Ratings

The table below lists some of the WerS rated glass and frame combinations for this system. For a complete list of all rated glass and frame combinations refer to the Series 729 WerS Data Sheet.

Glass Description COOLING HEATING Uw SHGCw Tvw Inf
4aZ/10GaP/4ea 67% 39% 2.8 0.26 0.38 0.64
4Clr/10ar/4ea 55% 50% 2.6 0.44 0.45 0.64
5eG/8ar/5ea 67% 39% 2.7 0.26 0.37 0.64
6Clr/12GaP/6Clr 52% 44% 3.2 0.44 0.47 0.64
6Clr/12GaP/6ea 56% 48% 2.8 0.42 0.44 0.64

Maximum Panel Height* 2600mm
Maximum Panel Width* 900mm
Maximum Glass Thickness ≤ 32mm

AS2047 Testing CertifiedAS2047 Testing Certified

* Subject to individual site conditions and wind loads. Contact us for more information, e-mail

    Key Features

    • Tested for compliance with the relevant Australian Standards and achieved a very high water resistance of 450Pa, making the product suitable for most applications including multi-storey apartments.
    • Very low air infiltration, makes the product suitable for air conditioned buildings.
    • The extra strong meeting stiles allow large sliding windows to be fabricated in high wind load areas.
    • Clean splayed and rounded lines for improved visual appearance.
    • rame, mullion and transom have a soft 2mm internal radius.
    • Opening sashes can be fitted wih surface or mortice deadlocks.
    • Sashes run on large diameter, heavy duty wheel carriages, including double bogey for very heavy sashes.
    • This is another feature overview point.
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