ThermalHEARTâ„¢ Bi-fold Door| Series 730


The Designer Series ThermalHEART™ Bi-fold doors are thermally broken to deliver exceptional thermal performance. Doors and windows incorporate a reliable bottom mounted roller system for smooth, reliable, performance. 
Our heavy duty quad rollers run on a matching double track for optimum performance and support this ensures heavy panels operate easily.
BAL40 Testing Certified WERS Ratings

The table below lists some of the WERS rated glass and frame combinations for this system. For a complete list of all rated glass and frame combinations refer to the Series 730 WERS Data Sheet.

Glass Description COOLING HEATING Uw SHGCw Tvw Inf
4Clr/10GAP/4Clr 50% 44% 3.3 0.44 0.45 0.64
4Clr/10Ar/4EA 55% 50% 2.6 0.44 0.45 0.64
5Clr/8GAP/5Clr 51% 43% 3.3 0.46 0.48 0.64
6Clr/12GAP/6Clr 52% 44% 3.2 0.44 0.47 0.64
6EG/12GAP/6EA 69% 36% 2.8 0.23 0.33 0.64

Maximum Panel Height* 2600mm
Maximum Panel Width* 900mm
Maximum Glass Thickness ≤ 32mm

AS2047 Testing Certified AS2047 Testing Certified

* Subject to individual site conditions and wind loads. Contact us for more information, e-mail

    Key Features

    • Series 730 incorporates ThermalHEART™ technology giving a true wide thermal break between the outside and inside faces. WERS (Window Energy Rating System) data shows that using the same IGU in a ThermalHEART™ Bi-fold door is 32% more efficient than a standard non-thermally broken Bi-fold door.
    • A major advantage with ThermalHEART™ in cold climates is the reduction in internal condensation. This saves potential damage to timber reveals and paint finishes. ThermalHEART™ is also suitable for hot climates.
    • We offer ThermalHEART™ in a range of stocked colours including dual colour ClearMIST™, contact your local Vantage fabricator for details.
    • Running bi-fold doors on bottom rollers reduces the problems caused by lintel sag and allows us to offer optional highlights.
    • This bi-fold door has been tested for compliance with the relevant Australian Standards and achieved a high water resistance of 380Pa. This makes the product suitable for most residential applications.
    • Low air infiltration, makes the product suitable for airconditioned buildings.
    • The extra strong door stiles allow oversize door panels to be fabricated.
    • Sharp square external glazing beads are standard.
    • 100mm frame and transom have a soft 2mm internal radius.
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