LouvreMASTERâ„¢ Adjustable Window| Series 525


LouvreMASTER™ adjustable louvre windows are designed to compliment Vantage 102mm windows and doors.

Louvres provide excellent ventilation and can be fitted with a variety of blades to suit your project - glass, aluminium and timber blade options are available
Maximum Panel Height* 2400mm
Maximum Panel Width* 900mm
Maximum Glass Thickness < 6.5mm

AS2047 Testing Certified

* Subject to individual site conditions and wind loads. Contact us for more information, e-mail techsupport@windowmaker.com.au

    Key Features

    • Adjustable Louvre window system designed to complement the Vantage 102mm windows and doors. The jambs, head and sill will clip to all 102mm Vantage products including MAGNUM™ windows and doors.
    • 31mm overall frame is wide enough to allow the flyscreen to be fitted within the frame line, without the need for screws, rivets or unsightly turnbuckles – clean flat finish.
    • The LouvreMASTER™ system has been successfully tested to 300Pa water resistance.
    • The LouvreMASTER™ weather trims snap to head and sill and are cut between galleries – no end notching on trim or gallery channels.
    • Full height blades always give the best appearance and are the most economical, refer to Specifier Manual for standard heights in the 152mm and 102mm blade systems.
    • The 102mm and 152mm blade can be glass, aluminium or timber.
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