Commercial Double-Hung Window| Series 453


Series 453 incorporates the basic Double-Hung residential sashes into bold square commercial framing with dedicated head, sill and jamb adaptors.
A popular choice in both residential and commercial building applications. Some of the practical features of these windows are that they do not protrude over decks or walkways and are a superb window for ventilation.
BAL40 Testing Certified WERS Ratings
The table below lists some of the WERS rated glass and frame combinations for this system. For a complete list of all rated glass and frame combinations refer to the Series 453 WERS Data Sheet.

Glass Description Uw SHGCw Tvw Inf
6SnClr 5.25 0.47 0.52 1.06
6EVanBG 6.4 0.62 0.64 1.06
6EVanClr 6.4 0.43 0.53 1.06
6EVanGy 6.3 0.59 0.64 1.06

Maximum Panel Height* 1010mm
Maximum Panel Width* 1210mm
Maximum Glass Thickness ≤ 7.52mm

* Subject to individual site conditions and wind loads. Contact us for more information, e-mail

    Key Features

    • Vertical sliding double-hung sashes inlaid directly into commercial framing.
    • Flyscreens tuck into dedicated recess in the jamb inlay adaptor, supported with concealed nylon clips.
    • Complies with AS2047. High water resistance 200Pa.
    • Sashes will bypass each other to allow cleaning of all glass from inside the building.
    • Custom heavy duty key lockable catch with die cast keeper.
    • Sashes will accept glass up to 6.76mm thick.
    • Standard 30mm nailing fin jamb as illustrated right or alternative 44mm wide jamb.
    • Fixed lowlights can be glazed from the inside in elevated situations by reversing the removable glazing beads and fitting custom captive wedge to the outside.
    • Nailing fin frame makes the product suitable for cavity brick and brick veneer construction.
    • Matching horizontal sliding sashes into commercial framing, refer Series 452.
    • Dedicated 90° and 135° couplers.
    • For a higher performing heavy duty double-hung window, refer Series 463.
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