Architectural Sliding Window| Series 462


Series 462 is a commercial grade sliding window, offering bold sash and frame design capable of supporting thick, heavy glazing options.
BAL40 Testing Certified WERS Ratings
The table below lists some of the WERS rated glass and frame combinations for this system. For a complete list of all rated glass and frame combinations refer to the Series 462 WERS Data Sheet.

Single Glazed Double Glazed
Glass Description Uw SHGCw Tvw Inf
6.38Sct 4.25 0.54 0.63 1.15
6EVanClr 4.57 0.48 0.49 1.15
6EVanSpB 4.57 0.28 0.29 1.15
6EVanSpGn 4.57 0.28 0.35 1.15
Glass Description Uw SHGCw Tvw Inf
4/10/4ET 3.49 0.52 0.54 1.15
4/10Ar/4ET 3.28 0.52 0.54 1.15
4Az/10/4ET 3.48 0.31 0.45 1.15
5SG/8Ar/5ET 3.39 0.32 0.44 1.15

Maximum Panel Height* 1600mm
Maximum Panel Width* 1350mm
Maximum Glass Thickness ≤ 20mm

BAL40 Testing Certified Safe4Kids Testing Certified Acoustics Testing Certified AS2047 Testing Certified

* Subject to individual site conditions and wind loads. Contact us for more information, e-mail

    Key Features

    • 102mm thick commercial grade sliding window, incorporates bold frame lines and thick (strong) sashes that can carry thick heavy glass, including double glazing.
    • The perimeter frame designed to make installation into brick veneer and cavity brick easier with built-in nailing fins (weather bars).
    • Extra strong sashes allow large sash windows to be fabricated for high wind load areas.
    • Double sash design with the external sash fixed.
    • Both fixed and opening sashes can be installed, replaced or reglazed from inside.
    • Large variety of window combinations possible (SF, FS, SFS, SS or FSSF) with and without highlights and or lowlights.
    • Sliders can be fitted with surface or mortice deadlocks.
    • Sashes run on heavy duty wheel carriages.
    • Flyscreens can be fitted. When there is no requirement for flyscreens, frame is fitted with cavity closers so there are no unwanted recesses.
    • Co-extruded PVC sill seal keeps water out of the system.
    • Built-in proprietary ball valve drainage to transfer any water that may get into the drainage trough to the tubular sump sill.
    • Will resist up to 300Pa water infiltration and comply with air conditioning requirements.
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